My 3 naked babies

My 3 naked babies

Taylor's face paint

Taylor's face paint
the lady who made one of the dragons downtown was painting faces at Elderbeerman

Ally's butterfly eyes

Ally's butterfly eyes

Monday, May 11, 2009

Srping '09

Spring has officially sprung although, I don't know if Michigan actually knows it, yet! We have had some nice days, but nothing to write home (or here, lol) about, they come for a couple days then it's cold again. This summer we plan to do a lot of MI traveling and camping; there are a few places that we know we want to go and then we just plan on doing some research to find more places. We will go camping a ton, all over, also. Growing up we took drives around up north and to different places and those are some of my best memories so I want to be able to take my kiddos to some of those places and hopefully more, to give them some awesome childhood memories too. Aaron is going to be playing on 2 softball teams this year, which the girls and I are super excited about; it's one of our family, summer, traditions- to watch him play. We love it! The girls enjoy being out there to play and I love being down there for friends and just because I know how much he enjoys playing.We are nearing the end of the school year, and I am thrilled about it! I am ready to be able to wake up whenever we choose and to not have to get dressed and out the door right away. The girls have been busy at school, making mother's and father's day cards and gifts, going on field trips and just all the finishing up stuff they have to do. They both really love school, I hope that continues as they get older. :)Taylor is officially 5 now, and doesn't let us, or anyone else, forget it. She is always telling everyone who will listen, that she's 5 now. We had her party at the church, in the gym; it was a lot of fun but very very hectic and crazy. Ally's 4th birthday is this wednesday (2 days away) and she had her party last saturday; it was also fun, a little less hectic because there were less kids, but still pretty crazy. I was very excited about them, but even more excited when they were over; it is a lot of stress for me, just making sure everyone is taken care of and running around setting up and cake and food and all that. This year we didn't do a theme for either of the girls, we just rented the blowup castle thing for each party and let the kids go. I think we've decided that we will do combined parties for them for the next couple years and see how that goes; it will certainly save us some money, I hope it will save me some stress, too.Aaron's job is going really good, he really enjoys it. He just finished up his 7th week which was a week to go back and do a little bit more training now he will be able to get certified.So Aaron bought me (us) a new camera, and I LOVE it!! The reason I am writing that here is because I am going to be taking tons of pictures this summer (and past) of my girls and some of my friend's kids and such; I would love to get into photography, mostly as a hobby, not a career. So I will be posting new pictures that I take on here, which will probably mean that I will be updating more than normal, lol... Hey, whatever it takes to get me to update this thing!Thanks, again, for reading my blog! God bless!

Kendall Grace, posin'

This is the "studio" I set up in the livingroom to take pictures of the girls (it is very temporary and I need to make them wear different color shirts than the background so they don't blend in)

Kendall on one of her pre preschool field trips that she gets to go on; this one is at the Saginaw Children's Museum with Ally's class, they have a kitchen all set up with toy appliences and tiled countertops. It was soo cute!

A day at the park

Ally posin'

Ally's class went to the Children's museum in Saginaw (the extra little girl is the kid that was assigned to me; there were so many parents that went, the teacher just gave us all our kid and one or two other to take around and let them have more fun)

Ally's 4th birthday

Taylor loves to pose, all I have to do is get the camera out and she's posin'

This is her class trip to the butterfly house (see the little one not in the orange shirt, Kendall got to go there for both Taylor's and Ally's trip there)

These are two of the ony pictures from her party, my camera batteries died and I didn't bring more; Thankfully one of the mother's brought her's and took a bunch, I just have to get them from her, lol

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Lord has been so good to us!

Well, it has been quite a while since I've updated this thing! Where to start......
Thanksgiving and Christmas were great, like usual! The girls were really looking forward to Christmas and were totally spoiled, by us and santa, lol. Taylor and Ally both wanted the alive cubs and so they each got one of those; Taylor got a panda that she named Bamboo and Ally got a white tiger that her and daddy named Frank. There were several other gifts that they loved, but those were their favorites. Kendall got a bunch of stuff too, but no big cub. The day started out here, where we woke up and everyone opened their gifts and we ate something; then we went to my mom's where there were more gifts and turkey; we ended the day at Aaron's parent's where there was more gifts and more turkey (or wait, did we have ham?? lol this is why I need to update this thing more often so I don't forget stuff). It was a great day!
Then came new years eve, we had some friends over here, but everyone left relatively early and we put the girls in bed and Aaron and I stayed up to watch the ball drop then went to bed. BORING!! lol
We ended last year and began this year with Aaron being on a temporary layoff from Delphi, then he returned to work at the end of January. I began babysitting for Nicole and Steve Beck right before that around the middle of January; they have 2 kids, Isaiah (4) and Clair (1 1/2). They are both really good kids, and I love having them! Isaiah is in Ally's class, so that's pretty cool, but even with that fact, him and Taylor are closer.. lol That fact is irritating to Ally! Clair and Kendall play together but most of the time they are bugging each other or telling each other no or something, it's funny. Kendall calls her baby and trys to mommy her some.
So anyway, Aaron returned to work and a week or so back, he got a call from Hemlock Semiconductor asking him if he would be interested in coming to work for them because the midland plant (that he was already hired into) wouldn't be bringing him on right away and they had openings; of course he said YES!! They told him they'd call him in a week or so to set up a time for him to come there and interview and tour the plant. So about 2 1/2ish weeks went by and finally they called; he went for the interview and she called him back that day and told him he had the job there if he wanted it. (Of course he did) She gave him a start date of March 23rd, then we found out that Delphi would be offering buy outs; Aaron volunteered and got to get it. He ended his 2 1/2 year career at Delphi on Feb 27th, they will be paying the buy out in 3 equal payments starting in April, we are thirlled! His first day is in 2 1/2 weeks so he is off until then which will be nice because he will be working a ton once he starts HSC. I am trying to get him to finish up a few things around here while he's off, lololololol, he's done a few things and he's only on his 2 work day off, so it's a good thing! I know the girls love it when he's home, but it's hard because he will be home for a long time, all the time, then he will be going to work and working a TON, they will be confused; like all the times he was laid off at Delphi, he was home then all of a sudden he was back working and they wanted to see him. I get asked (or got, rather) "where's daddy" and they don't like to hear that he's at work. Oh well!! lol
We decided that the girls will continue to go to CBA, for school, even after preschool. Taylor's pretty excited about this; when I first asked her about it she didn't want to go to church for school next year but then I figured out why, she said "but I want to go to kindergarten" lolol.. I then explained to her that it would still be kintergarten and she was very excited about it. I intruduced her to her teacher which she enjoyed, so now when we see Marilyn she gets all excited, it's really cute! Aaron is unsure if he wants to send Kendall to K-3 or just K-4, so we will have to decide that soon, because the registration is coming due and it's nonrefundable.
Oh yeah, I finished school!! WOOOOHOOOO!! lol, I am soooooo done! I finished up in December, before Christmas, I am now a certified medical transcriptionist. I totally hate it! lol I have a certificate in a frame in my room, but I don't want to do anything with it other than to look at it and realize what it took to get. I don't want to go back to school and I don't want to do any more medical transcription! lol I'm glad that the babysitting job came along so I didn't have to do it, also because I love the kids and the people I babysit for!
We have been so blessed and it's crazy to me to see all the things that the Lord has done and continues to do in our lives! I really want to stress that all the wonderful things that have been hapening for us have come from the Lord and I want to give Him all the glory!


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